Environment Friendly

The Qwipes Global tissues are made of environmentally friendly paper and baby oil, with no harmful chemicals = Better for the Customer, the baby and better for the environment. The dispenser unit is quick and easy to fit – Replacement wipes are available in convenient sealed packs = Quick and Cheap to Service. Secure/Tamper Proof Dispenser – Wipes are locked inside the dispenser unit, preventing un-authorized use or pilfering = Increase Product Life and Greater Cost Savings.

The hands-free dispenser makes the Qwipes Global wipes ideal for the safe cleaning all skin types, babies, children or adults. Qwipes are also ideal for use in other wet / dry wipes applications including industrial environments, factories, care homes, hospitals and educational environments etc. The patented design ensures that the wipes do not dry out and keeps the wipes fresh and clean = Improved customer / user experience. The Qwipes Global sealed packs contain up to 20 x more tissue than a standard wet wipe dispenser pack = Lower maintenance + Reduces Stock Outages = Increased product Performance and Increased Customer Service Levels

Environmental benefits

Less packaging = Reduced Wastage and Lower Plastic Waste

Adjustable Dispensing Rate

Guaranteed minimal tissue usage per application

Efficient & Economical Use = Greater Cost Savings

Environmentally Friendly – No Harmful Chemicals and Less Harmful Waste Plastic