Improved Safety

The competition now markets small “box type” dispensers or wrapped “plastic” packages, where both hands are required to obtain the damp cloth or tissue from its container. Products require expensive packaging that are low in capacity, inconvenient in use and can easily be wasted or pilfered. Unique, One-Handed Operation: The Qwipes Global tissues do not require both hands to remove the moist tissue from the dispenser, just wave one hand along the sensor and one tissue is automatically dispensed. Your other hand is free to support your baby, elderly adult or patient etc.The tissue and the length of tissue can be adjusted to suit individual requirements, so they are much easier to use, one tissue efficiently dispensed each time. The Qwipes Global tissues are made of environment friendly paper and baby oil, without any harmful chemicals = Much better for the customer/ Much better for the environment.

Electronic handsfree operation

Safer one handed use – e.g. when holding babies

The length of the tissues can be adjusted to suit individual requirements

Guaranteed, high quality operation and usage

Easier to dispense and use

Increased Safety and Customer Convenience