New and Innovative

The competition now markets small, “box type” dispensers, plastic containers or wrapped “polythene” packages, where both hands are required to remove damp cloths from each pack. These products require expensive, low capacity packaging which can be awkward to use, plus the tissues themselves can often be wasted or pilfered. This means that the real usage of standard wipes cannot be restricted or controlled. Actual tissue usage has proven to be up to 40% more than Q wipes. Therefore, taking inefficient usage/ product wastage into account, Q wipes offer an efficient cost effective solution.

Qwipes Global products are moist skin care tissues for babies, children and adults. The electronically controlled, wall mounted unit automatically dispenses each moist tissue. The product is safe and easy to use, and each moist tissue can be dispensed and applied, using one hand.


Sensor driven system dispenses one moist tissue per cycle

The length of the tissues can be adjusted to suit individual requirements

Greater capacity – up to 15-20 times of regular packaging size

Our patented packaging prevents the wipes from drying out

Increased safety & customer convenience

Improved hygiene – No external influences

Enviromentally friendly – less harmfull chemicals and plastic